“We have seen growth in our overall number
of article reads thanks to the ease of

“We see FeatherPay as the best and honest solution for our
writers and platform to monetise the effort we put in.
In such a way that everyone who participated benefits.”

What is FeatherPay?

FeatherPay is an easy to install, frictionless plugin developed for you to easily monetise your content while writing just as you’re used to.

Define your price-per-article (in €) or subscription options for full access to your premium content, while you can accept donations from your readers. Readers can use their account on all websites using the FeatherPay plugin. This cross-platform spending of money provides a stream to increase your readership.

But wait! There is more! FeatherPay also allows your content to be republished by our partner platforms. The Feather technology ensures that when your article is republished and read on our partner platforms you will get paid. If you’d like to understand more, read our blog here.

You can install FeatherPay on any website for free! WordPress users can download our plugin, while other websites can easily integrate the plugin through our API.

Control your own finances

Price your content and get paid by your readers securely.

Increase your readership

Reach a larger audience by sharing your content with our partner platforms and earn more.

Track your content

Analyse the consumption of your content real-time.

So how does it work?

Design your paywall & donations

For a paywall, design your subscription prices and set a default price for pay-per-article access. For donations, set up some amounts you’d like displayed to readers.

Choose payment for your article

Before publishing your article, you can select how you’d like readers to pay for it. If price = 0, readers can be given the option to donate at the end of the article.

Your article is behind the Feather wallet

Huray! Your article is online and can be bought by readers with their FeatherPay wallet. All they need is their email, and can even login with Google or Apple.

Cash-out your earnings

Once you’ve generated revenue from publishing your content,
cash-out your earnings whenever you want at no additional
costs above €10 directly to your bank account.

Analyse your performance

As the article’s owner, you can analyse the no. of reads,
time of reads, income and more! Readers also receive
access to their own dashboard to overview their expenditure.

How do I start?

If you use WordPress, option A is the way to go. You can install the plugin via WordPress, which is the fastest, or you can download the plugin from the WordPress store and upload it in your admin settings.

If your website runs on something other than WordPress, option B is for you. You can set FeatherPay up by easily integrating our API onto your website, with clear documentation ready to have you up-and-running in a jiffy.

Whatever option you may choose, we’re here to help you. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about setting up the plugin.

Our plugin is compatible with WordPress 4.7x and up.

Install via WordPress

Quick and easy.

Install via WordPress