“We have seen growth in our overall number
of article reads thanks to the ease of

“We see Feather as the best and honest solution for our
writers and platform to monetise the effort we put in.
In such a way that everyone who participated benefits.”

What is Feather?

Feather is an easy to install, frictionless plugin developed for you to easily monetise your content while writing just as you’re used to.

Define your price-per-article (in €) or subscription options for full access to your premium content, while you can accept donations from your readers. Once you publish your article, your audience now uploads money to their wallets in a few simple steps, and can pay to read your articles and donate on all websites using the Feather plugin.

But wait! There is more! Although the cross-platform spending of money by your readers increases your readership, but Feather allows your content to be republished by our partner platforms. The Feather technology ensures that when your article is republished and read on our partner platforms you will get paid. If you like to understand more, read our blog here.

You can install Feather on any website for free! WordPress users can download our plugin, while other websites can easily integrate the plugin through our API.

Control your own finances

Price your content and get paid by your readers securely.

Increase your readership

Reach a larger audience by sharing your content with our partner platforms and earn more.

Track your content

Analyse the consumption of your content real-time.

So how does it work?

Configure payment settings

In your WordPress website admin area, design how you’d like to be paid by default in terms of pay-per-read, subscriptions and even donations when setting up the plugin.

Write article, specify payment and publish!

Before publishing your article, you can overview how you’d like readers to pay for your content. Once you’ve filled in your requirements, you can publish your article!

Your article is behind the Feather wallet

Huray! Your article is online and can be bought by readers with their Feather wallet. To make a wallet, readers fill in their email ID and add credits to their Feather wallets!

Reader pays for your article or subscribes

Depending on your settings, premium articles can be bought
per piece or via subscribing. Note: if you didn’t specify a price
and set it at 0, Feather places a donation wallet underneath
the article.

Cash-out your earnings [BETA]

Once you’ve generated revenue from publishing your
content, cash-out your earnings whenever you want
at no additional costs above €10 directly to your bank

How do I start?

This depends on where you run your website.

If you use WordPress, option A is the way to go. You can install the plugin via WordPress, which is the fastest, or you can download the plugin from the WordPress store and upload it in your admin settings.

If your website runs on something other than WordPress, option B is for you. You can set Feather up by easily integrating our API onto your website, with clear documentation ready to have you up-and-running in a jiffy.

Whatever option you may choose, we’re here to help you. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about setting up the plugin.

Our plugin is compatible with WordPress 4.7x and up.

Install via WordPress

Quick and easy.

Install via WordPress

Integrate Feather API

Easy integration & clear documentation.

Install via API

What does it cost?



Get paid for your content (pay-per-article, subscriptions & donations)

Disable banner ads on your platform

Cash-out your earnings whenever you want

Content republishing on partners platforms

Create immutable timestamped articles that prove you originated the content

Easy-to-use content wallet for readers

View your readership analytics through a dashboard (# of reads, time & more)


20% transaction fee


10% transaction fee + payment provider costs


5% transaction fee + payment provider costs

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Frequently Asked Questions

Feather is an easy to use plugin that you can install on your WordPress website to monetise your content. With Feather you are able to offer your content paywalled to the reader. Readers will only be able to access the full article once they have paid your desired price for it.

The reader will be able to access your articles securely through iDeal, Mastercard and VISA payments.

We have a step-by-step manual to help you. If it is not set up properly, you can try uninstalling the plugin on www.yourdomain.com/wp-admin and then re-installing it. Lastly, if the problem persists further we are available to support you here.

We work hard every day to connect journalists and readers. When a journalist or publisher uses our plugin to publish their content, an agreement between us called a smart contract is stored on the blockchain. This agreement states that every time a transaction takes place (i.e. reader purchases an article), a part goes to the journalist and (possibly) a part goes to the platform / publisher, while 20% goes to us.

No, you can cash out any amount, at any balance, at any point of time. However, we charge a small fee for amounts below 10 euros; any amount above is at no extra charge.

Katalysis is a company based in Amsterdam developing software solutions to help the publishing industry thrive online. Our mission is to democratise the value of online content. If you would like to know more about us, have a look at our company webpage.

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